Who needs compounded medicines?

Anyone who needs a customized medicine solution. Like an infant, who only needs a very small dose. Or a woman who needs hormones in precise, customized doses to minimize the side effects of menopause.

How to get started:

If you or your doctor have any questions about writing for a compounded medication, any one of our qualified pharmacists would to help. 


Compounded medications are available by prescription from a licensed doctor, which can be ordered by:

  • Phone: 805.371.4443
  • Fax: 805.371.4375
  • E-Scripts
  • Written prescription brought to pharmacy

With a physician’s consent, a compounding pharmacist can:

  • Adjust the strength of a medication.
  • Avoid unwanted ingredients, such as dyes, preservative, lactose, gluten, or sugar.
  • Add flavor to make the medication more palatable.
  • Prepare medications using unique delivery systems.

For patients who find it difficult to swallow a capsule, a compounding pharmacist may prepare the drug as a flavored liquid suspension instead. Other medication forms include topical gels or creams that can be absorbed through the skin, suppositories, sublingual troches, or even lollipops.