Quality Assurance

There is no compromise when it comes to health!

At Compoundia Pharmacy, we have Quality Assurance and Quality Control programs to ensure that our products and patient care meet high quality standards and requirements. Our commitment is to provide a level of service that delivers safe compounded products consistently that patients and physicians can depend upon. We use industry leading practices to meet your needs. 

When choosing a compounding pharmacy you want to feel confident that you will receive the highest quality compounded products and unparalleled patient care.

At Compoundia pharmacy, we know that high-quality medications lead to the best patient outcomes. Therefore, we are committed to the highest standards of quality in the compounding profession, as demonstrated through the procedures we follow to make medications; the training of our staff members; and the testing of our finished products.

Compoundia pharmacy is proudly accredited by United Credentialing and Accreditation Program (UCAP). FocusScript Network requires Pharmacies to go through the United Credentialing and Accreditation Program which partners with NABP to exclusively administer comprehensive compounding pharmacy accreditation. Given the stringent quality and best practice requirements for FocusScript participation, our network of pharmacies instill confidence in PBM’s, payers, physicians and patients for continued access and affordability of compounded medications.